Yarn eggs: the easy version

Every year I find spetacular pictures of yarn covered eggs for Easter. Three years ago I decided to try it out at a FunLab camp. At home it worked perfectly!!! At the camp it was a disaster – the eggs kept breaking and fingers got burnt on the hot glue. We tried substituting school glue for the hot glue but the egg shells became far to slippery and the end result was not quite what I had in mind. Our FunLab eggs definately did not look like the student made images that I had seen online. This year in my quest to find low cost suggestions for teachers to incoporate into their Easter crafts I decided to see if I could come up with a thrifty easy version for kids to do. We used 4,5 cm polysterol eggs, yarn and CRAFT GLUE to come up a cute alternative to our previous disaster. This project cost around 20 cents per child – not bad!!

You will need:
4,5 polysterol eggs
Yarn scraps (I have lots of left over yarn that I used to make these eggs)
Craft glue

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Cover the end of the egg with craft glue.
glue on egg

Step 2: Place the end of one color onto the craft glue.

Step 3: Start winding.

Step 4: Cover the entire egg. Changing colors is easy: just glue on the end of a new piece of yarn!
covering egg

Setp 5: Wind into a tight circle to finish the egg. Trim off extra yarn.

I did not buy and yarn for this project because I collect the leftover yarn from all my Mom’s knitting projects. I loved seeing my favorite sweaters turned into this colorful Easter decoration. Before taking home we will glue a ribbon onto the top so that the eggs can be hung!

Have fun. Try it out. LET US KNOW HOW IT WORKED OUT!!

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