Woven bead bracelet tutorial

braccialetto di perline intrecciate

Ready to learn something new?! Then try out our new woven bead bracelet tutorial! During my recent adventure in opening FunLab products I stumbled upon box by Make It Real. I have to admit that I had not really focused on it:). The kit is called Nature’s Song and it is part of the Crystal Dreams series of jewellery kits. As soon as I opened the instruction manual I knew I absolutely needed to try one of the bracelets myself. I love wrap around bracelets – add a charm with SWAROVSKI crystals and you have a winner. So follow our woven bead bracelet tutorial and you will soon be sporting a cool stackable wrap around bracelet with sparkly fun charms.

You will need:

Nature’s Song (Make It Real 1724) kit

Let’s get started!

Step 1: No image for this step but watch the video below to get an idea. Cut a 1 meter length of the brown cord. Fold it in half and tie in order to make a loop. Cut 1,5 meters of transparent thread. Tie onto the right side of the loop. Block this knot with clear nail polish or it will come undone!

Step 2: My image shows the bracelet with some beads already on it but the technique is always the same. Making the woven beaded bracelet only requires one technique for all the beads that you want to add! You need to string 1 bead onto the transparent thread.

Woven beaded bracelet Step 2

Step 3: Pass the transparent thread over the brown cord.

Woven beaded bracelet Step 3

Step 4: Pass the transparent thread around the brown cord on the left side of the bracelet.

Woven beaded bracelet step 4

Step 5: Pass the transparent thread back through the hole of the bead in the opposite direction.

Woven beaded bracelet Step 5

Step 6: Gently pull on the transparent thread until your bead aligns with the previously added beads.

Woven beaded bracelet Step 6


Wasn’t that soooo easy! I could not believe that such a complicated looking bracelet could be so simple to make. Perfect for our crafters. I can’t wait to see which bracelet my minitester wants to make.

Just keep adding beads until you reach your desired length. Tie off the threads.

The next step was my favorite! Deciding which of the 6 charms I would add to the woven beaded bracelet that I had created!!! I decided on the butterfly and the bee. I love the yellow SWAROVSKI crystal in the bee – so cute.

Stay tuned because next I want to learn how to make a beaded flower!

Watch the video and see how easy it is!

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