Wooden Spoon Santa – no painting needed!

FunLab often receives requests for ideas for classroom activities from elementary school teachers. We have loads of suggestions but usually when I say the words “hot glue” and “paint” their eyes get big and the say no, no, no. This year I decided to take a cute idea and make it work for teachers – meaning no hot glue and no painting:). The origin of the project is a wonderful blog, La classe di maestra Valentina, in which she turns a simple wooden spoon into an adorable Santa Claus place maker. The challenge was to make a version which teachers could use with their students. Our Wooden Spoon Santa decorations, have lived up to the challenge! Red yarn instead of paint and craft glue will make all our teachers happy!

You will need:
Wooden spoons
Red and white yarn
Craft glue
google eyes
white felt
very small red pompom


Let’s get started:
Step 1: Wrap the handle of the spoon with red yarn. Use craft glue to hold in place at both ends. Add a little bit of white where the handle begins.
wrap spoonwith yarn

Step 2: Glue a white pompom onto the end of the handle.
white pompom

Step 3:
Cover bottom 2/3 of spoon with white felt.

Step 4: Cut out a mustache from white felt and glue onto the spoon.

Step 5: Glue on a red pompom for the nose and google eyes. I tried to use a black marker to draw eyes but the wood is porous and the effect was NOT cute so I used my beloved googles eyes!
finished faces

Step 7: Add twine so the spoons can be hung on the tree!
add twine

Mission accomplished! Will a little bit of yarn and craft glue this project can be used for a classroom full of crafters.

upclose santa face

Happy Crafting!

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