Vintage Makit Bakit Craft kit

makit bakit
Who of you remembers the Makit Bakit craft kits from the late 70’s early 80’s? I DO! As soon as I saw the peace sign Makit Bakit kits in a craft store, I had a walk down memory lane to when my brother and I used to make these. We would sit around the kitchen table and make the Christmas tree decorations by Makit Bakit. Don’t remember these kits? Take a look at the the old 1985 commercial I found.
The kids were rolling their eyes at me but….obviously, I had to try the

Makit Bakit

craft out with them.

We lined the pan with aluminum foil and got started filling the spaces with the resin provided in the kit.
makit bakit

After all the spaces are filled put in the oven and BAKE!

We had fun but….. I had forgotten that you need to work on REALLY flat surface and do not BUMP the pan or all the pieces will pop out and go all over the place which can be quite frustrating. Considering that my 13 year old was off of the telephone and doing a craft with me for at least an hour I would say that this is a triple ?!

Note I bought mine from Amazon.

Try it out and have fun!

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