Vintage Craft: Craft Stick Bracelets!

final bracelets 2
Looking for a craft project to do at a birthday party!!! Try out this vintage craft CRAFT STICK BRACELETS. The internet is full of posts about this great rediscovered craft but I was not sure about doing it with a big group of kids. That is I was not sure until we tried it out at the FunLab Bilingual Summer Camp! We even were able to get the kids to bend their own craft sticks which was loads of fun if a little bit delicate. Bend too hard that the stick will break.

You will need:
Craft Sticks
Embroidery Floss
Colored String

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Soak the sticks for 30 minutes in boiling hot water. Have the kids gently bend the sticks and slip into a bowl filled with water.
soaking craft sticks

Step 2: Let sit another hour and then pour off the water. Let dry overnight. Look how pretty they are!
curved wooden craft sticks

Step 3: Cover ends with fabric scraps.
cover ends

Step 4: Wrap with embroidery floss.
wrap with floss

Step 5: Poke a hole in the end of the stick.
hole in end

Step 6: String and tie.
add string

Step 7: Add beads.
add bead

The only thing that I suggest that you do in advance for a birthday party is the bending of the sticks. The rest is perfect for a not so messy but really craft birhtday party.
have fun

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