Valentine’s Craft: Glitter Butterflies

While I was doing online research for “Glittery Hearts”  I ran across great posts which used tissue paper scraps and school glue to make paper. It sounded easy but I had to try it myself. After Christmas we always have lots of tissue paper pieces which need to be recycled and this was the perfect project!

You will need:
School Glue
Pink, red and white tissue paper
Wooden Clothes pins
Acrylic Paint
Chenille Stems
Google Eyes

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Prepare you work area with a sheet with waxed paper.

Step 2: Paint a layer of glue and cover with pieces of tissue paper. Keep adding paper and glue and until paper has reached desired thickness. Sprinkle with glitter while glue is still wet. Let dry.

Step 3: Paint wooden clothes pins. Let dry.

Step 4: Add fun dots with end of brush along the clothes pin.

Step 5: Cut out wings from tissue paper. Leave a little piece to glue into the slit of the clothes pin.

Step 6: Add antenna which a chenille stem and googles eyes.

Assemble you butterfly and use to decorate just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Take care

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