Upcycling with Wood Wonders by ALEX BRANDS: Piggy Bank

When I opened the box of WOOD WONDERS by ALEX BRANDS I was amazed by the amount of great wooden craft supplies that the kit included! So much in fact that I could not fit it all back in and close the box back up again :). There is an instruction manual included with the kit but once the kids and I started looking at the shapes we had loads of ideas for projects. The first project is an UPCYCLED PLASTIC BOTTLE! Read how we convereted a plastic bottle into a PIGGY BANK!

You will need:
pink tissue paper
a wide mouthed plastic bottle (washed and dried)
1 cork
Wood Wonders kit

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Completely cover the plastic bottle with small pieces of pink tissue paper using a generous amount of glue so the tissue paper becomes plastified.

Step 2: Paint the cover of the bottle pink. When dry paint on two nostrils using the black paint. All the paint you need is in the KIT!

Step 3: Curl a pink pipe cleaner (from WOOD WONDERS kit) around a pen. Poke a hole in the end of the bottle and insert your curly cue pig tail.

Step 4: Cut a cork into 4 equal parts, paint pink and glue your “legs” onto the bottle of the bottle.

Step 5: Make eyes and ears out of wood shapes in the kit. One medium plus one small heart make a perfect EAR! We decided that our PIGGY BANK needed a little glam and made the eyes out of the smallest stars. We painted the ears pink and purple and the eyes white.

Step 6: Glue ears (upside down) and the eyes onto the “face” of the PIGGY BANK.

Step 7: Cut a narrow hole on the side of the bottle. This slot will serve to put the change into the PIGGY BANK.

The PIGGY BANK is now done!

If you want to empty out your change just take off the top and shake it out!

Stay tuned for the next UPCYCLING project with WOOD WONDERS by ALEX BRANDS.

take care

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