Upcycled wine corks – Christmas tree!

I just discovered a new English word “upcycling” otherwise known as creative reuse.  It is a perfect description for what we love to do at FunLab! Recycle trash in craft projects, so when I saw the wine cork Christmas trees on the web I immediately proposed it to my kids. At first they were not so excited but after I agreed to paint the corks green they got into the project. This Upcycled Wine Cork Christmas tree will be in the FunLab store window and then on my table as a center piece for Christmas dinner!

You will need:
Green and brown paint
102 corks
hot glue
Yellow felt

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Organize the shape of your tree using the 99 corks.

Step 2: Paint the corks green.

Step 3: Glue together the corks using hot glue. Be carefull to create straight rows so that your tree will stand up straight. I used a ruler to line up my first set of
first row

Step 4:  Keep gluing until the tree is complete.
build layers

Step 5:
Glue three corks together to form a trunk.

Step 6: Paint brown.

Step 7: Glue onto tree.

We added a star and a ribbon but there are endless options for decorating the tree!

have fun

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