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Upcycled Hedge Hog Planter using Wood Wonders

Recently I discovered that succulents and cactus love my balcony – all that sun is the ideal spot for these prickly little guys. The third project dedicated to using the material from WOOD WONDERS by Alex Brands is a UPCYCLED HEDGE HOG!

You will need:
Wood Wonders
Plastic bottle (washed and dried)

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Cut a square out of one side of the bottle. Wrap both ends of the bottle with twine.

Step 2: Pick wood pieces from the the Wood Wonders kit to make a face for your HEDGE HOG.

Step 3: Paint the pieces and glue together the ear pieces.

Step 4: Glue the painted wood pieces onto the bottle.

Step 5: Cut a cord into 4 equal pieces and glue onto the bottle of bottle – our little HEDGE HOG needed legs!

Add a plant and you are ready to go! We added our adorable but very prickly HEDGE HOG PLANTER to our collection of pots.

Have fun

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