Upcycled Bird House using Wood Wonders Kit from Alex Brands

Enjoying the final days of vacation? How about building an UPCYCLED BIRD HOUSE using the WOOD WONDERS kit from Alex Brands. Turn a plastic bottle into a bird feeder to help your neighborhood birds get through the winter. Personalize your BIRD HOUSE with wood shapes from the WOOD WONDER craft kit.

You will need:
Small wide mouthed plastic bottle (washed and dried)
small pieces of mulch from the garden
Wood Wonders kit

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Use the paints in the kit mix brown: first create orange using red and yellow. Then add some blue. Use the brown paint to paint the bottle.

Step 2: Cut a round door in the front of the bottle – we made a circle. Under the door poke a small hole in the bottle – insert one of the small wooden rods through the hole to serve as a perch.

Step 3: Paint on details.

Step 4: Use the wooden shapes from the kit to add interesting details like a welcome sign and a plant.

Step 5: To make the roof, take a piece of cardboard – an old cereal box works perfectly. Make it into a cone and paint black.

Step 6: Cover the roof with mulch from the garden. Leave a small uncovered hole at the top of the roof so that you can pass a string through it.

Step 7: Poke two holes in the bottle top. Thread with twine – this will be used to hang the BIRD HOUSE – screw onto the top of the bottle and thread the string through the hole in the roof.

Your BIRD HOUSE is now complete. Hang it up in your garden or on your balcony and keep your birds happy and fed!

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Have fun

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