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Trick or treat bags for Halloween

After missing out on Halloween let year due to COVID, we are so excited to celebrate this year! I wanted to put together something really original for the the kids to do but I was out of ideas. That is until I oped the LUMIBOARD by Maped Creativ. I was just doing some product research but the LUMIBOARD was a really pleasant surprise. My kids had a competitor’s product when they were younger and the LUMIBOARD is an awesome evolution of the tool! I was so impressed that I decided to use the monster templates provided in the LUMIBOARD box to make trick or treat bags for Halloween. When thinking about Halloween MONSTERS come to mind so we made trick or treat bags for Halloween dedicated to the MONSTER MASH song.

You will need:

LUMIBOARD monster film

White bags


cardstock letters

Let’s make trick or treat bags for Halloween

Pick the monster that you would like to add to your trick or treat bag for Halloween. Slide it into the machine, turn on the light and add a piece of paper.

Trace the image and color.

Cut out the colored image and decide how you want to glue onto your bag.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to create unique drawings using the LUMIBOARD.

Our bags are completed and now we need to decide what homemade treats we want to put in them! Stay tuned for some ideas.

If you like this post and would like other ideas for trick or treating check out this old post from our archives – see how you can make a pumpkin trick or treat bag out of an old plastic ice cream bucket.

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