Traveling with little kids. HELP!

Who hasn’t had to fill long hours while waiting for a train or a plane with a little kid who just doesn’t understand the idea of waiting?  Or maybe stuck on the freeway in an unbearably long line of cars with a hyperactive three year old?  This post is dedicated to a friend of mine who wrote to me asking for some suggestions on how to keep her little one busy on a three hour flight.  At first I was a little bit surprised because I am NOT an expert on child care but since I have taken a lot of flights back to the States with the kids, I do have a couple of golden rules….


1. Pack lots of snacks. I tend to make little packages of carrot sticks and cut up apples. Other good things to have on hand are crackers, cookies, pretzels, raisins and other simple snacks that can buy you five minutes of peace. There is nothing worse than a cranky, hungry kid and nothing to eat. I don’t tend to bring drinks when flying because you never know what they will make you throw away at security!

2. Entertainment. This varies depending on how long the trip is going to last. This year I had the kids pack their own bag. We used the Car Valet that my oldest got as a present for her birthday and they loaded it up. Just to give you an idea. My kids love to color so we added markers, paper, colored pencils and lots of stickers. We also put in a card game, a couple of books and some assorted little cars and action figures. I would like to suggest this great card game that is made by DJECO. The recommended age is 5+ but my little one is able to play with some help. The rules are really simple, the design is beautiful and the best part is that EVEN I HAVE FUN PLAYING IT! We received it as a present but I found it online at for a little over 8 euro.

3. THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE. Never break this one. Put in your carry on a spare pair of pants for YOU. I broke this one time and ended up riding almost all the way to Venice smelling like the yogurt that my three year old baptized me with!

What do you do to make your travels a little bit less stressful? Write and give us suggestions!

Have a great vacation!

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