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Transforming leaves into holiday place markers using glycerin preserved leaves and alphabet stamps from JOUSTRA

A couple of weeks ago I published a post dedicated to making mini hemp pumpkin place markers for Thanksgiving. The problem is that my children want something different for the kid’s table. I had been looking for a use for the GLYCERIN PRESERVED FALL LEAVES that we made a couple of weeks ago. This is what we decided to do! Even though were not all that happy with the color of the preserved leaves, we decided they perfect for this simple craft project.

Have fun transforming leaves into holiday place markers using glycerin and JOUSTRA ALPHABET STAMPS.

You will need:
Joustra Letter Stamps
Card stock
Giotto markers

Let’s get started transforming the preserved leaves into holiday place markers!

We soaked our leaves for 4 days in a water/glycerin bath (2 parts water/1 part glycerin).

After our leaves were dry we used Giotto all purpose markers to add eyes. These markers are great because you can color almost anything including leaves! And it doesn’t smear.

Using the JOUSTRA ALPHABET STAMPS took a little getting used to because the letter is not on the back of the stamp. I suggest using an extra piece of paper to practice getting your letters in the correct position before stamping your project! I only made 1 place marker because the kids want to have their friends personalize their own cards. When I pointed out that some of the guests are still young and don’t know how to write yet they answered me – “great MOM, they can learn to write their names and make a place marker at the same time. You should love that.” I couldn’t tell if they were making fun of me or not but if I am honest mixing creativity and learning are right up my alley!

Have fun getting ready for Thanksgiving!


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