Transform a shell into a planter!

One thing that unites my kids and I is the love of looking for shells. Two years ago we discovered a lovely spot in North Carolina to find whelks but the waves were way to strong for us to venture in and find anything. This summer we got a chance to go back and had a great time finding GIANT shells. The secret is to walk along in the water and drag your feet through the sand. All of a sudden, we would come upon what felt like and stone. The tricky part was to dig it up without being swept away by the surf but we were able to do it!

A couple of the shells were damaged but were so lovely I wanted to see if I could find an alterative use for them. A little bit of dirt and a small plant and we transformed our broken shell into a lovely little planter.

Some of the broken ones allowed us to see the inside of the how the shell was made and have become as precious to us as the intact ones!

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