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Tissue paper pumpkins for Halloween

tissue paper pumpkin
I ❤ decoupage. Anything that includes glue and making a mess is high on my list of things to do. I tried out the tissue paper and glue technique a couple of years ago when I made TRICK OR TREAT PUMPKINS for the kids for Halloween. It was loads of fun and the kids loved the final product. So here we are again using tissue and glue to make adorable TISSUE PAPER PUMPKINS just in time to decorate for our yearly Halloween party. This technique is really messy and takes some time as the pumpkins need to 24 hours to dry but they are also LOTS OF FUN!. We added a felt stem and leaf, as well as a curly chenille stem as a finishing touch. If you add a little LED tea light you can use the pumpkins as part of your outside decorations!

You will need to make the TISSUE PAPER PUMPKINS

orange tissue paper
LED tea lights

Lets get started making TISSUE PAPER PUMPKINS

Get your material ready in advance! This means cut the orange tissue paper into small squares. I like to dilute the glue with a little bit of water so that it is not quite as thick. Completely cover with several layers a small balloon with tissue paper and glue. It should be wet and shiny when you are done. Hang to dry.
Tissue paper pumpkins

Once the tissue paper is dry, pop the ballon and remove. Cut a little hole big enough for an electric tea light to fit into the pumpkin.
Tissue paper pumpkins

Add details! Use felt scraps to make a leaf and a stem. My son wrapped a chenille stem around a pencil to make it curl!
Tissue paper pumpkins

Turn on your LED tea light and start getting ready because Halloween is almost here!

Have fun

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