The real thing. The washable marker that passes the Mom test

Up for a challenge? Introduce our artistic products into the Italian market.  Our creative kits are innovative and there is not much on the market in terms of competition:  these are awesome!

The Sargent Art brand is new to Italy, however there are many companies that produce pencils, markers, paint….only trying them one can understand the quality of the product.

For example, Sargent Art markers are actually washable.  WASHABLE.  A word that Moms love.  Every Mom has lived the experience of the “washable” marker that leaves a mark (lightened but present) on a T-shirt or an arm or a cheek (where ever your kid has left his mark).  It does not matter how much you scrub, the maker is just not 100% washable.  With Sargent Art products, if it says washable on the box – it is washable!

Another example.  Have you ever used a colored pencil that will not keep a point?  It does not matter how much you sharpen because the tip keeps breaking?  Whatever they make the Sargent Art colored pencils out of – it is hard stuff – hard to break that is.  And we tried.  Doing the “consume the tip test” but we had to give up the colored pencil kept its tip!

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