The “magic” behind the stampers

This post was inspired by a recent letter from a potential client regarding our Sargent Art Magic Stampers.

“Su uno pero’ ho una perplessità e precisamente i pennarelli con stampino. Ho notato che sono realizzati come quelli dell’ikea e non solo anche lo stampino è identico in tutto per tutto. Il delfino azzurro, il fiore arancione, la farfallina rosa….etc.. Solo che quelli dell’idea costano meno di un euro.”

The take home message behind the email was “why do you sell an identical product to Ikea but at 4 times the cost?”. Obviously, this email was quite distressing to Donatella and I who take pride the quality of Sargent Art products in terms of wash-ability, toxicity and durability. However, after a series of further emails I realized that there was a little confusion on what our stampers really are and would like to take this post as an opportunity to clarify the point.

The Ikea product has a marker on one end and an stamp on the other of the same color as the marker. For example, the blue marker has a blue dolphin stamp. The Sargent Art markers are completely different. As seen in the image below, the stamp does not have a color.

In fact, when you stamp the ink is invisible. This is where the magic comes into play! The color of the stamp depends on which color marker you color over it with (after waiting 5 seconds for the stamp ink to dry, of course).  As you can see in the image below, the arrow stamp turned dark blue, light blue or yellow depending on the color of the marker used.  I did not even try out all the combinations of stamps and markers but image the fun in discovering how these work!

We value customer feedback and welcome any opportunity to further explain our products, so let us know what you think!

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