The ins and outs of FunLab paints

Are you confused about when to use acrylic versus tempera paint?  Here is a simple breakdown of our paint selection.  First of all, we carry two main lines of paint:  washable versus non-washable.

Washable Paints:

The washable category is large due to the fact that we aim to provide an extensive range of materials that are easy to use with children of all ages.  This type of paint is extremely versatile and is great for children under the age of 5.  If a FunLab creative idea calls for acrylic paint and you are working with a little one, don’t hesitate to substitute the acrylic with a washable tempera.  Two members of this category, finger paints and watercolors do not need much explanation.  Our washable temperas are available in two different formats:  6 jar assortment of colors or 16 oz bottles.  Furthermore, we have some really unique products that are novel to the Italian market.  For example, powdered tempera – measure out a little bit, add water and it is ready to use. No more problems with the paint being forgotten open and ending up dried out!  We also have a mess free tempera marker – the finished product looks great without the mess of brushes.  Need to add a little jazz to your project – pick from our selection of glitter and liquid metal paint jars.

Non-washable Paints:

The title of this category is a little misleading because it also contains our acrylic paint selection.  Sargent Art acrylic paints are water based and therefore washable when WET.   This means that brushes and work areas are easy to clean with water while the paint is still wet – no solvents are required.  However, once the paint dries it forms a waterproof finish that makes it very difficult to clean.  It is this finish that makes acrylics the perfect paint for certain projects including paper mache. This type of paint is ideal for children over the age 5.  Our acrylics are also available in the 6 jar assorted color format.  For the professional, we have a selection of acrylic colors in a 75 ml tube.

This category also includes our hobby paint line.  For example, 3-D outliners are an outstanding product that allow you to add that something extra to projects – works on a range of different materials including fabric and wood!

Important note regarding ALEX toys: ALEX toys provides high quality paint within their creative art kits, which can be either a washable tempera or an acrylic paint.  Make sure you carefully read what kind of paint is included and prepare yourself accordingly.  For example, in the fashion and jewelry section we have a selection of jewelry kits, which use acrylic paints – take care to prepare the work area so that spilled/splashed paint will not be a permanent reminder of a project gone wrong!

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