The great cupcake challenge

Okay. You are probably thinking what is up with the radish mouse if this post is about cupcakes. A couple of weeks ago we went to the Il Mondo Creativo trade show in Bologna where we ran across this great booth dedicated to “Cucina Creativa”. They had a fantastic display in which normal vegetables were turned in unbelievable sculptures.

In fact, an entire section of the booth was dedicated to workshops lead by Gian Franco Capitani in which the particpants learned the basics behind creative . The creation of this mouse was one such project. Upon further research, I learned that one of the creative bloggers present was amouseonthetable. Take a moment to check out this site. I did not know that such beautiful artwork could be created out of food!

This seemed like something that was right up FunLab’s alley. Obviously, we could not make the mouse which requires knives but…I decided to challenge the kids at our Easter Party with turning a simple cupcake into an Easter bunny. We gave them one undecorated cupcake, frosting and lots of candy and put them to work.

And this is what they created:

I have to say that the result was yummy. In fact, I am not sure how much of the candy actually made it onto the cupcake instead of being eaten immediately. The subsequent sugar rush was a little out of control which made making our Bunny buddies a challenge! In anycase, thanks for this great inspiration.

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