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The Easter Gang

The Easter Gang

EASTER is coming! I have written in the past that I love Easter crafts and here is the proof. In The Easter Gang project I have included my three favorite Easter characters Chick, Eggy and Bunny. The other day I was in Tiger and I saw the cutest felt Easter eggs in all sorts of colours at a great price. Obviously, I couldn’t resist them. After I showed the eggs to my crafters, we decided to transform the felt eggs into The Easter Gang to decorate the kitchen. A couple of weeks ago, I opened the creativity packed 50 piece set by Maped Creativ. We had not used the glitter glue yet so I decided to try them out! I do love anything that has glitter in it:). We used it decorate Eggy and add whiskers to Bunny. We were really thrilled to see that the glitter glue when dry was REALLY bright and held the same shape as when wet. There is nothing more frustrating than decorating with glitter glue and then have it all deformed while drying! So this product definitely got a crafters thumbs up.

Take a look at how wonderful the dry glue held up!

The Easter Gang

I originally got the idea for The Easter Gang from a video on Instagram. They used marbles to stand them up but I didn’t have marbles and we used old clay to add some weight.

The Easter Gang

If you love Easter as much as I do make sure that you take a look at the FunLab blog archive – there are loads of craft activities that will keep you and your little ones hopping all through the season. Make sure you take a look at the reel on Instagram where you can see the complete video!

Do you guys love crafting at Easter? Send us pictures of your work!

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