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The art of cross stitch!

Do you know how to cross stitch? I learned how to cross stitch from my grandmother many years ago. The great part of the art of cross stitch is that it is really easy:). You can create many different images using 1 stitch! I have been looking forward to opening the Art of Cross Stitch kit by 4M. The box has been on my desk for months! I couldn’t wait to slow down a little bit and see if I remembered how it worked. Luckily the kit comes with great instructions so I quickly figured it out. The adorable little purse with a cross stitched butterfly was my reward for my hard work.

adding colouring The art of Cross Stitch

Just one stitch!

Did I mention that I created the little purse using basically just one stitch?? The entire front of the purse was created using the basic cross stitch! That is a lot of stitches but really easy! The handle of the purse was created using the back stitch which (lucky for me) was quite easy to learn. I was so excited to put the purse together that I did not look at the instructions provided in the kit while making the handle. Not a good idea. I had to redo it as the handle should be created using a double thread but it was easy to take a part and redo!

finished handle the Art of Cross Stitch

My favorite part of cross stitching is seeing the image appear on the canvas. When I added the first color (I used green first), it was hard to imagine how a butterfly would be formed. But after I added the second color (I used dark pink), the body of the butterfly formed and I was excited to add the wings and flowers.

Perfect craft for travelling!

If you have to take a long trip either in the car or an airplane and you are worried about keeping your kids busy, this is the project for you. The material doesn’t take up a lot of room and it is easy to stop, put down and then start again!

I used to make bookmarks with my grandmother to give to my teachers for Christmas but the project in the Art of Cross Stitch kit can be used to make an adorable little purse perfect for snacks or as a pencil case. I used my to collect flowers in the garden!

finished purse The Art of Cross Stitch

Do you know how to cross stitch? Have you taught your children how the art of cross stitch? Let us know!

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