There is no denying that Halloween 2020 is like nothing we have lived through before. The changes in our lives brought by COVID have lasted long beyond what we originally expected. Last week I officially cancelled our yearly Halloween party. It wasn’t an easy decision but definitely the safest one given the current numbers. The really hard part was the realisation that Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to be cancelled or at least dramatically modified.

Even though we have cancelled our party, we are still decorating the house and planning a special evening for the three of us. When I pulled out our gauze ghosts from a couple of years ago, I realised that they had seen better days and we needed to make some more! In my original post (click here to read) I used material that I had brought back from the States in my suitcase. This summer we weren’t able to take our annual trip and my supplies are dwindling! I realised that I had to find replacements here in Italy. Easier said than done. I had to turn to AMAZON and in the end I found everything that I needed to make our DIY HALLOWEEN GHOSTS.

You will need:
recycling material including the cardboard inside toilet paper rolls and small plastic bottles

The cheese cloth was easy. I found exactly what we needed. It was the fabric stiffener that was difficult. In the end I settled on the Rayher Fabric Strengthener and kept my fingers crossed that it would work. I was really happy the stiffness of the ghosts but I realised that this product is must stickier than the starch water. In fact, when you open the container it really smells like glue. I should have covered the ghost bodies with plastic wrap so that they would come out easier. After a little bit of struggling our ALIEN GHOSTS popped off of the bodies and our DIY GHOST project was complete!

We decided to give our new ghosts a silly twist and made them into ALIEN GHOSTS! I followed our original post but we also added arms to our models. They were easy to do! We just taped a chenille stem to the body and covered with tape. The important thing was to cover all of the body with packing tape so that the gauze DIY GHOST would not stick to it as it was drying.


If you try it out at home make sure you send us some pictures!
keep crafting

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