T is for turtle – creative teaching using phonics!

Here at FunLab we are busy getting ready to go back to school with our FunLab Bilingual Phonics courses. We start our students with phonics at 4 years of age! We follow the Jolly Phonics sound order for inserting sounds and our little kids are able to learn the first 18 sounds with NO PROBLEMS! This post was created to be used together with the sound “T”.

You will need:
green paper
Google eyes
T is for turtle flashcards

Flashcard vocabulary: turtle, green, triangles, legs, head, eyes, tail, shell, glue

I always suggest that everything MUST be ready before class. The attention span of this age group is VERY SHORT and you do not want to be cutting out anything during class. After having taught the T sound, introduce the workshop vocabulary as seen in the flashcards. Have the kids play games like memory with the vocabulary. The last step is to have the children make and glue their turtles into their workbooks on the T page.

One suggestion to make creative workshops a success is to give the kids exactly what they need one step at a time. For example, Have the kids glue the head onto the shell. This means that you should give them only the head piece and the shell. If you give them all the material at once they will proceed to make a big mess. Show them with an example where you want them to glue the pieces. REMEMBER NO ITALIAN! If you teach the kids at this age how to follow instructions in English, your life will be much easier down the road when things start getting complicated.

Try it out and let us know how your classes are proceeding!

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