I could not believe my eyes when I read this recipe for homemade glass paint. Glue, food coloring and dish soap? What!!!! Obviously, I had to try it out. It is as easy as described in the original post.

Take a look at these three easy steps for homemade sun catchers. It was just was our window in the workshop area needed to get in the mood for summer camp!

Step 1: Draw a picture with a black permanent marker on a transparent plastic document sleeve.

Step 2: Mix glue and food coloring together in order to make the color that you need and then add a drop of dish soap and mix well. All you have to do is use a brush to cover the different areas of the image with the homemade paint and then let dry!

Step 3: Cut out your dry suncatcher and use transparent tape to stick to a sunny window.

Our kids from the “Under the Sea” camp wanted to make some more but were not in mood for painting so we just used the permanent markers and let them draw all sorts of under the sea creatures. Try it out at home!

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