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Stomp Rocket Fun!

Stomp Rocket Fun!

When my son was younger he had an all time favorite toy – the STOMP ROCKET. If you are asking yourself what a STOMP ROCKET is, you have to try this kit by 4M. It is the perfect mix of upcycling and STEM. Essentially by stomping on the plastic bottle you create the force to launch a paper rocket. The kit is full of the material needed to create the STOMP ROCKET fun!.


There are two main parts of the kit. In the first part, the children make two different colourful paper rockets with a sponge tip.

In the next part the children need two plastic bottles from the recycling bin so that can they build the launcher.

After that the STOMP ROCKET fun begins! All they have to do is stop on the empty plastic bottle and the rocket blasts off. Hours of fun that you can do indoors or outside!

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