STEM: Where creativity and imagination meet!

It is summer time! We have time for a little bit “summer” schooling now that there isn’t any school. If you don’t know – I am American. I only moved to Italy late in my twenties. I have always embraced living in Italy but I wanted to raise my children bilingual. Summer has always been a perfect time to work on this goal. Here is one of the tricks which I use to promote speaking English. BOOKS AND CREATIVITY. Recently, I have added STEM activities to the mix of things which I do to promote English language development. STEM: Where creativity and imagination meet is perfect example of how we do it!

STEM: Where creativity and imagination meet!

Recently, Tania has started reading a great series of books by Laura Owen and Korky Paul starring the silly witch, Winnie and her black cat Wilbur. Our favorite character is definitely WILBUR. A couple of weeks ago Tania tried out the modelling friends kit by Maped Creativ and made a little fix (click here to see the reel). I guess I should not have been surprised when she asked to make a figurine using the super soft clay representing WILBUR! We used Wilbur to act out some of the scenes in the book and help her understand the story in English

STEM:   Where creativity and imagination meet!

The book we read is made up of four short stories. We ended up loving the forth story which featured Winnie and Wilbur participating in a race and their crazy adventures on 4 wheels. During this time, we tried out the Salt Truck by 4M. This STEM toy is a wonderful way to work how motors and batteries work.

STEM:   Where creativity and imagination meet!

When we finished the Winnie and Wilbur books, we decided that our model Wilbur needed to go for a ride on the salt car. By creating a figurine and acting out the story line, we were able to reinforce Tania’s reading comprehension in a fun way!

So this is my approach to raising bilingual kids – STEM: where creativity and imagination meet! Do you use alternative ways to teach your kids? Let us know how you do it!


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