STEM PLAY with FunLab

Last week we tried out an awesome new toy in the FunLab assortment. We used an empty bottle to create a terrarium with a weather station on top! If you want to see how we built the 4M Weather Station, take a look at the reel we posted @funlabmi. Tania and I spent a wonderful afternoon together making it and it got me thinking. I have mountains of random recycling that I save for projects – maybe it was time to get it organised for STEM PLAY. I took an old box jazzed it up with some paint and here we go! We already have 3 or 4 projects planned that I can’t wait to share with you guys.

If you are like me you tend to accumulate all sorts of items that are perfect for a STEM PLAY! box. For example, we added bottle tops, cardboard, plastic bottles of all shapes, balloons, wooden skewers, straws and corks.

My favorite part of this project, however, was painting the STEM PLAY! box. I have always wanted to try the tape technique to create stripes and now was my chance! I primed the box and then created stripes with paper tape.

After adding the paper tape I started painting! I chose two vibrant colours for the STEM PLAY! box.
After I finished the sides, it was time to decorate the front of the box. I went for a vibrant red and added letters that I cut out with my We Are Memory Keepers alphabet punch board. This is a great toy for big girls like me:).

I completed the STEM PLAY! box – now it is time to do our first project. Do you do STEM projects with your kids at home? Share your ideas with us.

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