Stained glass leaves

FunLab Mom hints: Turning old broken crayon pieces that otherwise would be considered trash into a fun afternoon project is a good way to reinforce the importance of recycling. Making the insert for the window requires the iron and parental supervision but otherwise this is a very easy project that can be done with kids of all ages.

You will need:

Construction paper Parchment paper Clear plastic document folders
Scissors Broken crayon pieces Maple leaf template
Glue Ruler Pencil sharpener
Stapler Suction cup with hook

Step 1: Take the paper off of the crayon pieces. Small fingers are really good at this step so put them to work! Sharpen the crayons over a piece of paper to collect all the colored fragments.

Step 2: Cut out two pieces of parchment paper around 15 cm by 15 cm. Place a couple of handfuls of crayon pieces in the middle of one piece of parchment paper and then cover with the second piece. Place an old towel over the sandwich and pass a warm iron over until the crayons are completely melted. Place the parchment paper sandwich under a heavy book and let cool off.

Step 3: Print out a maple leaf template or draw your own. Cut out the leaf in order to make a leaf stencil. Take the construction paper (pick fall colors) and cut into 12 cm strips. Fold over to generate a 11,5 by 12 cm book. Trace the maple leaf on top of the construction paper. Cut out the leaf cutting both pieces at the same time. You have made the frame for your stained glass window.

Step 4: Cut out a pocket from the clear document envelope. Once the melted crayon has cooled off, carefully peel off the parchment paper and slip the melted crayon into the plastic pocket. Staple around the wax so that it will not move. This is the insert for the window.

Note: If you have contact paper (clear adhesive paper) it is great for making the insert. Cut out two 11,5 by 12 cm pieces. Take the backing off one piece and place the melted crayon piece on the sticky side. Remove the backing and cover with the remaining piece of contact paper to make your insert.

Step 5: Assemble the window by gluing the insert into the frame.

Step 6: Punch a hole in one corner and hang from the suction cup in a window. Enjoy the pretty colors that a sunny afternoon will light up!

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