Spring is here!

hold a puppet show in ZOOM

Look what we are up to – producing a puppet show in ZOOM entitled “Spring is here!”. Back in lockdown? Not an easy moment. Are you a teacher looking for a way to render your students distance learning more fun and interactive? Try out this idea – run a puppet show in ZOOM! We decided to celebrate the song “Spring is here” by animating it with adorable paper puppets. Importantly, each child makes all 6 puppets and acts out the song, dancing along with the spring characters. All of this in ZOOM! The main characters of the “Spring is here” puppet show are: blue bird, bee, ladybug, butterfly, frog and the pesky star of the show – MOSQUITO!

Here is what you need to make BLUE BIRD: a large blue circle, a small yellow circle, an orange triangle to use as a beak and two orange legs.

All that you will need for BEE: You will need a large and a small yellow circle. We cut out a black triangle stinger and two black antennae.

Material to make LADYBUG. You will need one large black circle, one small black circle, two black antenna, a red circle cut in half for wings and two eyes.

My personal favorite! Here is what you need to make FROG. You need one large green circle, two medium green circles, two small white circles, two black extrasmall circles and one red tongue.

The BUTTERFLY is a little bit more complicated to make but here is what you need: a folded heart for the wings, five small hearts to decorate the wings and to use a head and two star antenna.

Last but not least we have the star of the ZOOM “Spring is here!” show! THE MOSQUITO!! We live in Milan where the mosquitos are almost as characteristics as pizza is to Italy. I had a die cutter and precut black wings for these puppets.

We used a black marker to add details. The children made one puppet per week and practiced learning the words to the song. We dedicated around 10 minutes of each class to making the puppet. To keep the making of the puppets in English (no switching to Italian) we decided to have the teacher make the puppet alongside the children showing each step as she did it in her video. I ordered a mega set of coffee stirrers from Amazon. I have an amazing quantity of paper scraps that I put to good use in putting together our puppet packages. Moreover, I used the excuse of delivering the puppets to our student’s houses in order to get OUT OF THE HOUSE!

We are almost ready to put on our show.

If you are a teacher and have any ideas that you would like to share with the FunLab community – let me know!

keep crafting

Alison and the FunLab gang

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