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Spring Colours Necklace made with SPINSATIONAL

Spring Colors Necklace made with SPINSATIONAL

A couple of months ago I published a post using the Spinsational by Make It Real. We used this easy tool to create long strings of colourful seed beads. In this post, we are back again with another post using this cool tool. I decided this spring I needed a colourful necklace to celebrate the new season. After a little bit of playing around, I decided to cover wooden beads with seed beads to add extra texture and color to the project. Read on and watch the video to see how we created the Spring Colours Necklace made with Spinsational.

Let’s get started on the Spring Colours necklace!

The first step is to get your material ready. You will need the Spinsational by Make it Real as well as wooden beads and a straight needle.

Spring Colour Necklace made with Spinsational

I measured out a long piece of the provided elastic thread and tied one end of it onto a wooden bead. I used the magic cupcake from Spinsational to add 8 beads. Then I threaded it back through the wooden bead and pulled tight to secure the seed beads against the wooden bead.

Spring Colour necklace made with Spinsational

I continued this step until the bead was completely covered. I liked the fact that yellow from the wooden bead could be seen through the green seed beads. The magic cupcake made this step really easy and fast!

Spring Colours made with Spinsational

I made a bunch of different beads so that I would have some options while building the final necklace. Look how pretty they are!

Spring Colours Necklace made with Spinsational

For the next step we used the magic cupcake again! Instead of going crazy adding the pink seed beads, the spinning cupcake made it fast. Watch the video to see how easy it was.

I am really thrilled with the Spring Colours Necklace! I can’t wait for sunny day to wear it.

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