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Spooky Halloween DIY Candles by FunLab

Spooky Halloween DIY Candles
After finishing our MINI HALLOWEEN WREATH, the kids and I decided that we needed to start decorating the inside of the house for our Halloween party. I had a couple of white candles in my craft box left over from this year’s FunLab Summer Camp that were just waiting to be used. First, we talked about decorating them with candle wax but we really wanted to try something new. After a couple of hours looking around on the internet, we decided to cover the white candles with Halloween napkins in order to transform from boring white candles into something SPOOKY – the perfect finishing touches for our party. These SPOOKY HALLOWEEN DIY CANDLES are so easy and fun that kids asked if we could make them for Christmas! One holiday at time, please!

You will need:
white candles
Halloween napkins
Embosser gun


As I already mentioned this technique is REALLY EASY to do. The one thing that needs to be done in advance is to measured out your napkins to the correct size. They need cut sot that they perfectly cover the height of the candle. Watch the video and see how easy it is to melt the napkin onto the candle using an embosser and soft tip paint brush! These can get a little bit messy so make sure you protect your workspace.

Are you ready to try out making SPOOKY HALLOWEEN DIY CANDLES? Send us pictures of your DIY creations!
Have fun getting ready for this great holiday for children.

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