Snapping crocs


FunLab Mom hints: Clothespins are a great craft essential, most houses have them and they are inexpensive. Here we turn a plain pin into a snappy afternoon project!

1. Set up a work area. Protect your table with an old towel or a Drop Cloth from ALEX Toys ®.

2. Dress your kids in old clothes or use a smock to keep things clean and avoid accidents.

3. There is some drying time required so be ready to entertain the kids between steps. Keep the paint layer thin or use a blow dryer to speed up this step.

You will need:

Wooden clothes pins Chenille stems Craft Tacky Glue
One stick Washable paint
3-D Outliners Google eyes

Step 1: To get started, set up your work area so that all your stuff is organized.

Step 2: Attach the clothespin to a stick so that it is easier to paint.

Cover all sides of the pin with green washable paint. Leave the mouth unpainted. Let dry.

Step 3: Once dry, add google eyes and paint mouth area red.

Step 4: While the mouth and eyes are drying, prepare the legs.You will need two chenille stems per crocodile. Fold each chenille stem into four. First, fold the two ends towards the center. Second, fold out the ends to serve as feet and slightly curve the center of the pair of legs.

Step 5: Once the paint is dry, insert the legs in front of and behind the spring. Use a little bit of craft glue to secure them in place.

Step 6: Use the 3-D outliner in order to give your crocodile a little bit of character.

Step 7: Remember that it is important to clean your brushes and close your paints so that you can use them for other projects!

FunLab Fact: Did you know that crocodiles don’t sweat. They release excess heat from their mouth, which is why you often see crocodiles with their mouths wide open for long periods of time!

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