Small satisfactions-a not so ferocious crocodile

FunLab just celebrated its 1st anniversary. After a year of hard work and lots of modifications in our original format, Donatella and I can say that we have survived the “first year” and are at the beginning of an exciting new phase in the FunLab adventure – the opening of a new sales point in Milan!

Last week we were in the middle of decisions for the store including positioning of the merchandise and other decisions including flood versus spot lights when I decided that I was overwhelmed and needed a to take a break. To unwind a little bit, I decided to lead the kids participating in our summer camp program in the creation of a project. The project that I proposed was the transformation of old plastic bottles into a funny crocodile using a protocol that we have used in the past that I found on Family Fun and Go.

I would like to show off the crocodile created by of one the young artists in the FunLab gang. This 7 year old boy has participated in lots of FunLab workshops over the course of the past year. In fact, he started at our first Saturday at FunLab when we opened last September! From his first attempts at craft projects, he has developed a variety of techniques and the ability turn his ideas in reality using the materials that we make available.

For example: when faced with the creation of the tail of the crocodile he had the wonderful idea of rolling up a piece of foam and gluing it to the end of the bottle. Just take a look at the claws that he added to his crocodile’s feet!

My role in the creation of this project was the presentation of the technique and the use of the hot glue gun. He did all the rest. Great job! In any case, our crocodile was a lot less ferocious that the recently captured crocodile in the Phillipines.

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