Shake, rattle and roll…..homemade tambourines for little artists

Over the course of the past months we have discovered that artists under the age of three go crazy for projects that include: brushes, paint and glue. Keeping this in mind, we decided to propose a simple project using these key ingredients to the kids in our Time for Babies class that meets Wednesday afternoon-homemade tambourines made out of paper plates. A couple of handfuls of rice and a dash of glitter were the finishing touches.

You will need:

Paper plates Washable paint Brushes
White glue Stapler Rice

Step 1: Prepare you work work area with a drop cloth. This project can get a little messy!
Step 2: Paint the back of two paper plates. We needed to put two coats of paint on to cover the white of the plate. Let the paint dry well before proceeding.
Step 3: Assemble your tambourine. Put a couple of handfuls of rice on the nonpainted side of one plate. Put a generous layer of glue around the rim of the plate. Place the second plate on top. We stapled around the edge of the two plates in order to speed up the assembly process.

Step 4: We painted two hearts with washable white paint and sprinkled with glitter to give our tambourine that glimmer that little kids seem to love.

Put on some music and let your little artists enjoy making NOISE!

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