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Saturday at FunLab with MONSTERS!

Halloween is around the corner so this past Saturday we decided that it was time to make colorful monster magnets!
In order to settle down before getting to work, we read a short story about a monster named Puk who at first seemed a little bit scary. By the end of the book, we had discovered that he loves to be snuggled and eat potato chips.
Using paper, craft foam and googles eyes, all the kids (even the small ones:)) created a personalized monster to give to Mom and Dad. After we finished with the magnets, the kids experimented painting with straws: all that blowing made for some great monsters!

Come join the fun next Saturday. We will finish getting ready for Halloween with some creepy spiders and ghosts!
Bye for now

Painting with straws (no brushes allowed):

Monster Magnets:

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