Sand Sculptures

All kids have heard of salt dough but how about sand dough? I don’t know about you but I have spent hours on the beach building castles and decorating them with shells (both as a kid and a Mom). This fun recipe has the advantage of being very piable when wet and drying out hard as a rock. I used a recipe that I found on First Palette that worked well but there are many available online. It is a little bit messy but the kids had a blast.

Mix together 2 cups of flour with a little less than one cup of water. Slowly add in 2 cups of fine sand. When mixed together well, add a spoonful of white glue. Don’t worry about being precise, we just used one of the plastic cups from Ikea and it worked fine. The kids will have to work the dough until it is uniformly mixed. Have them pretend that they are making pizza dough-fold the dough in half and push down to knead it. Once the dough is mixed start sculpting. The FunLab gang made helicopters, starfish and more!

One suggestion: don’t leave the sculptures on a plastic plate-a piece of cardboard is better because it lets the back of the sand sculpture dry. Otherwise, it will remain wet and be stinky. You can even paint it with VerniDas when you have finished to give it a glossy look.

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