Red and black vases inspired by one of Milan’s hidden treasures

During one of our weekly summer camps in June, we took the kids to see the Museum of Archeology in Milan. What a find! The newly remodeled museum has a beautiful section dedicated to the ancient Greeks which is just what we needed for our Creative Odyssey camp group. After looking at the wonderful examples of antique red and black vases, we took the kids back to make a creative FunLab version.

This is what we did. We took a piece of card stock and completely colored it with red crayon.

Next the kids had to color over the red with a black crayon. This needed to be done quite carefully to create a uniform layer of black.

We then traced and cut out a vase shape.

The kids used a toothpick to create an image by gently scraping away the black crayon. They had a great time discovered their own red picture hidden under all that black!

Here is an example of the FunLab example of the “red and black” Greek vases!

Before leaving the museum, I noticed a fantastic restaurated Roman tower that was also used during the Medieval times.  A perfect field trip for our Robin Hood Camp!

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