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Recycling project for kids: Styrofoam picture frame for Father’s Day

I have to admit that I was not sure how this project would turn out when Marco first described it to me. A picture frame made out of styrofoam? Then I thought to myself, “if he can turn a garbage bag into a kite that flies why not a frame made out of old styrofoam for Father’s Day”. It takes a bit of prep work for the adult (Marco in this case), in that all the pieces of the frame have to be precut but the end result is really cute and a lot of fun to put together and decorate.

Come see how he did it.

You will need:
Precut picture frame pieces cut out of sytrofoam (see pictures below)
Precut styrofoam shapes
Hot glue
Acrylic paint

Precut frame pieces:
Frame Front

Frame Back and bottom of back

In the bottom of the back piece make a small hole and glue in a fishing weight. This will help the frame stand up.

Shapes for decorating frame

Let’s get started:

Step 1: Paint the shapes all different colors.

Step 2: Paint the front of the frame.

Step 3: Let everything dry.

Step 4: Glue together.

Step 5: Put in a picture and your present is ready!

Thanks Marco!

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