Recycling project for kids: Hot wheels – FunLab style

A couple of months ago Marco held a recycling workshop during which he had the kids use styrofoam to make a picture frame for Father’s Day.  I brought my little one with me and he was awful.  He did not want to make a picture frame.  Marco had the great idea of making him a CAR out of styrofoam.  I could’t believe it – all it took was some styrofoam and a little bit of hot glue and Tom was happily playing with his new toy.  He was so tickled pink with the styrofoam car that he did not even want to paint it!

I had completely forgotten about the car until the other afternoon when he asked me if I would paint it for him.  Between the end of the year school stuff and FunLab craziness I just never got around to it until this morning.  Come see how recycled styrofoam can turn into the hottest car in town

You will need:
A sharp knife
Hot glue
Acrylic Paint
Google eyes
Foam shapes

Step 1: This step needs to be done by an adult. Cut out different shapes from left over styrofoam. Glue together to form a race car.

Step 2: Paint the car with acrylics
Step 3: Have fun adding details…


Funky wheels:

Other details:

Do you have a blog where you post homemade toys made out of recycled materials? Write to us so that we can help you show off your art work!

take care


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