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Recycling project for kids: Easter basket

Easter is just around the corner and I needed one last project for the FunLab Easter Camp.  I decided that our sheep, bunnies and ducklings would not be complete without an Easter basket for our gang to take all their craft projects home in.  Furthermore, I wanted to slip in at least one recycling based project into their busy camp schedule…  Come see how I made it.

You will need:
Plastic containers
Colored tissue paper
Lamination glue
Chenille stems
Wooden beads

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Turn your plastic container upside down on your work area.

Step 2: Paint part of the box with lamination glue.

Step 3: Cover with small pieces of tissue paper.

Step 4: Paint over the paper with glue. Continue until the entire outside of the container is covered. Let dry.

Step 5: Make the handle. Thread wooden beads onto a chenille stem.

Step 6: Pierce two holes per side in the dry plastic container.

Step 7: Thread the chenille stem through the holes.

Step 8: Twist the chenille stem together to form a handle.

Step 9: Slide a bead over the twisted area to hide it.

Step 10: Repeat on the other side.

Your basket is done just in time for Easter!
Hugs:) Alison

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