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Recycling project: a race car

Creating toys together with my son is an activity which both of us enjoy. Usually, we get to work after school when any other job seems to be too much for either of us. We start with the picture of a toy that we have found on the internet, my son gets to pick the picture and I decide what materials to use to create it. A couple of days ago, in amongst my craft supplies we found a cardboard tube coming from the inside of a roll of paper towels. It was just what we needed to create a race car!

To create this project took less than an hour, my son had fun making it and even more playing with the car once he was done.

Here is a simple explanation so that you can try to make it at home!

Have fun!

You will need:

1 cardboard tube
markers / colored pencils / crayons
1 wooden kebaab stick
1 cork

How to make it:

Have your kids color the cardboard tube how ever they want using pencils, markers and crayons. We used a mix of all three. Draw fire and the number on a piece of paper and have your kids color them in.

In the meantime, an adult needs to cut four slices of cork, for this job you will need a knife with a good blade and a chopping block to work on.
Break the wooden stick in two. Take one of the slices of cork and working with one end of the wooden stick make a small hole. Add a drop of glue in the hole and insert the stick. Do the same with another tire on the remaining piece of kabaab stick.
Make four holes in the cardboard tube (two on the left and two on the right).
Slip the wooden sticks in one hole and out another on the opposite site of the tube. Glue on the two missing tires.

Glue on all the details for your car (fire, driver and number).
Gently push down on the front part of the tube so that it looks like the front of a race car.

Now our car is ready for new adventures!!

Linda di Pane, amore e creatività

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