Recycling crafts: Panda Bear refrigerator magnet

As announced in a prior post, April 30th FunLab hosted a day camp dedicated to the PANDA BEAR in collaboration with the WWF.  We spent a day using art and crafts as a way to educate our group of kids on exactly who the panda bear is.  The kids were excited to learn all sorts of fun details about the adorable WWF mascot.  One fact in particular seemed to make a big impression on our group.  When we showed them images of destroyed bamboo jungles, they immediately wanted to draw pictures of happy pandas in “protected” FunLab bamboo jungles!

Our talented group rapidly learned how to draw their happy panda bears in a jungle full of bamboo.

Then they were ready to move onto a more difficult project: origami finger puppets!

We used the beautiful post from Martha Stewart and added pom poms and google eyes to make these adorable finger puppets.

After lunch the kids were ready for a crafting challenge – how to turn a drinkable yogurt bottle into a panda bear refrigerator magnet. They had so much fun that I thought you might want to try it at home.

You will need:
Empty yogurt bottles (well washed:))
Black and white craft foam
Foamies acrylic markers
Google eyes
Hot glue

Step 1: Crush the bottles using a hammer. Watch out not to flatten any fingers!

Step 2: Cut out tongue, eyes, ears, face and legs from the white and black craft foam. Glue on the tongue so that the top of the bottle looks like a mouth.

Step 3: Glue on 4 legs.

Step 4: Glue on ears.

Step 5: Make a little face including eyes. Glue onto the bottle.

Step 6: Use acrylic markers to add details to the face and paws.

Step 7: Add a magnet to the back of your panda.

Look how cute!

This activity was a great way to bring home the fact that trash in the environment endangers all animals – even those who don’t live on protect reserves like those created by the WWF for the Panda.
Hugs Alison

Inspiration for the panda bear magnet project came from a post on Danielle’s Place
dedicated to the panda bear.

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