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Recycled quilling project for kids: learn English while creating

During our yearly spring cleaning at FunLab Workshop, I was struck by the amount of paper we throw away every year in old toy catalogs. I looked around a little on the internet and found lots of creative ideas of how turn those old catalogs into something truely creative.  During our Earth Day camp, I decided to try one tutorial out in our Language through Arts (in this case QUILLING) program. These Quilled Bird Nests were created completely by our 8 and 9 year old campers. We based the workshop on a great post that I found at Creative Cynchronicity. I made a smaller version for the store window but we found that the kids worked better with a slightly larger nest – just means more strips of paper!

You will need:
Craft glue
Old magazines
Slotted Quilling Tool

Word Use: tear, strips, ruler, fold, half, glue, roll, push, inches, tool, quilling, slot, center, inside and outside

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Follow the instructions here to create your quilling strips out of the old magazine. I had the kids tear the paper using a ruler to create uniform 2 inch strips.

Step 2: Have the kids work on the floor so that they can glue at least 20 strips together. For adults I usually recommend that the quilling paper is not glued together but small hands need a little bit of help from the glue so that the rolled paper does not come apart.

Step 3: Have the kids insert one end of the long strip into the slotted tool.

Step 4: Start turning the tool! Go slowly at the beginning so that you create a tight center.

Step 5: Use the tool until the roll is big enough to handle and then slip off of the slotted quilling tool.

Step 6: When the quilled roll has reached the desired size glue the end closed.

Step 7: Push out the center of the roll.

Step 8: Cover both the inside and outside of the nest with craft glue.

Add a a little bit of yarn and some quilled bird eggs and our project is complete!
Hands and nest

Have fun

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