Recyclable gift tags!

Recyclable gift tags!

Have you ever made paper at home? I am a craft lover but I have to admit that I had never tried to make my own paper at home. It always seem like a potential mess that I was not sure about doing at home let alone with kids! When I received the 4M Paper Kit and saw the super easy instructions, I decided that it was time to give it a go. Since it was my first time to try out paper making I decided to try it by myself (no little crafters this time). I had so much fun that I had to share it with you. The kit has everything you need to make paper and lots of great ideas.

After doing a little bit of research online, I decided to make recyclable gift tags! What do I mean by recyclable gift tags??? I added flower seeds to our paper mix so that after the tag has been used it can have a second life! All you have to do is plant the gift and watch the flowers grow! I used half of the paper included in the kit and made 5 sheets of personalised paper.

Let’s get started!

The great thing about the 4M Paper making kit is that everything you need is included! I did add three little twists while making our recyclable gift tags. First of all, I added a little bit of pink tissue paper to the paper pulp because I wanted our tags to be PINK! The second little twist was the addition of flower seeds. I used cosmo seeds because they grow everywhere and are such a happy flower! The third extra addition was dried lavender that I had at home. That way our recyclable gift tags would have a sweet aroma!

The only part of the paper making instructions that didn’t work for me was my first attempt to make the paper pulp. The instructions said that you can leave the tissue paper overnight in water. After 24 hours, I found the paper to be still too intact. It was not a problem because I just passed it through the blended (the alternative method in the kit instructions)!

If you are want to see how easy it is to make these recyclable gift tags with homemade paper check out the video!

Once the paper was completely dried, I cut out different shapes and added a ribbon. We are ready to wrap up some more gifts for the FunLab community!

keep crafting


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