Quilled acorns: Gift wrapping

After completing our acorn craft this weekend, we ended up with a lot of tops which were missing the bottom piece:(. Not wanting to throw away anything, we looked around the internet for ideas on how to use our “acorn hats” and decided to make QUILLED PAPER ACORNS to decorate a present. I had read that you can make your own quilling paper using a pasta machine but I have to admit that I had my doubts. In the end, cutting quilling paper with a pasta machine works out perfectly for wider pieces!

You will need:
Beige paper (at least 80 grams)
Pasta machine
Slotted quilling tool
Craft glue
Chenille stems

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Cut beige paper on the wide setting of the pasta machine to generate your quilling strips. You need 3 to 4 strips per acorn. Use your slotted quilling tool to create a disk. Glue closed.

Step 2: Push out center to a point. Cover inside with craft glue to stabilize.

Step 3: Glue the paper acorn into the “hat”.

Step 4: Cover a chenille stem with floral tape or use a green chenille stem. Glue on acorns.

Add a bow and you have created a very special QUILLED GIFT WRAPPING!

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