Put your money in a BIRDIE BANK by ALEX toys

Does your child love craft projects but you just don’t feel up to dealing with the mess? Here is the perfect kit for you. All the fun of paper mache without the disaster! The kit contains all you need to make two banks.  Invite a friend over for an afternoon of crafting fun! Once again ALEX toys has created a superb craft kit based on the all new trend in toys – eco toys – using recyled materials.   I was so thrilled because the end result was as cute as the picture on the box….

You will need:
1 2 Birdie Bank kit by ALEX toys

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Open up the kit and make sure that all the components are present. You should find: paper tape, tape holder, foam brush, stickers, 4 molds, accesories and a container of glaze. Prepare a small glass with some water in it.

Step 2: Decide which bank shape you want to make first and put the two halves next each other.

Step 3: Hold the halves together with the 4 white stickers provided in the kit. These stickers are not very strong but as soon as you start to cover the back with the paper tape it will be more stable.

Step 4: Tear off a small piece of paper tape and wet the back using the foam brush.  DO NOT WET THE BANK DIRECTLY OR IT WILL DISINTEGRATE!!!!

Step 5: Cover the seam between the two halves with the tape. Smooth down the edges of the tape with your fingers.  Make sure that you not cover the two holes:).

Step 6: Carefully cover the entire bank with wet papet tape. Let dry.
Step 7: Insert the two accessories.

Step 8: Decorate with stickers.

Step 9: Completely cover with glaze.  Let dry.

You are done – all your bank needs is some coins!

I had sooo much fun decorating the round bank!!!

Until next time!

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