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Product Review by FunLab Crafting Team: Blow Pen Art Kit

Blow Pen Art Kit
I have had the Blow Pen Art kit by MAPED Creative on my desk for the past two months waiting to be tested! With the craziness of handling the complexities of quarantine, I just haven’t had a chance to open it and try it out. I have to say I was really surprised when I finally got around to tackling the Blow Pen Art kit. I imagined it to be complicated but talk about easy and fun. The kit includes illustrated instructions but as you can see in the video the technique is easy and intuitive. I was also struck by the quality of the contents. The kit contains: 4 heavy cardboard preprinted designs, 10 elastics, 6 coloured (washable) markers and a blow tube. The markers click into one end of the tube and you blow into the other. This creates a spray of color which is so COOL!

Blow Pen Art Kit

I made video that I hope highlights how easy and the original effect that the sprayed color creates on your projects. While I was working my dog came to see what was up! Keep and eye out during the video to see if you can spot her!

Remember keep crafting with us!

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