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Pipi&Pupu go to the Smithsonian National Zoo

When I opened the t-shirt that Pipi&Pupu sent us to review, I knew that my four year old little boy would love it – he adores owls! I know that some people are superstitious but my little guy loves this bird. After looking over their site, I decided to save the shirt to wear when we visited the Smithsonian National Zoo on our summer vacation. I thought we could find the six African animals used in the colorful t-shirts during our visit: Leo, Rino, Drillo, Raffa, Etta and Fufo.

When I pulled the t-shirt out of our suitcase, the response was great – he loved it and wanted to wear it immediately. I also loved the colorful stiching across the shoulders of the wonderfully soft organic cotton. I was curious about why the t-shirt did not smell synthetic like some other new t-shirts that we have purchased. When I went to the site I found out why in this statement: “Provando a ridurre il nostro impatto sull’ambiente utilizzando un packaging riciclabile, cotone organico certificato GOTSTM, tinte prive di AZOTO, buste in plastica biodegradabile e server web alimentato ad energia eolica. Ci auguriamo di poter fare di più per essere eco sostenibile ma almeno iniziamo bene!”. I was liking this t-shirt more and more!

The final test for the t-shirt was the washing after a hard day having fun at the zoo. I washed it according to the instructions on the label and since we are in American decided to dry it in the dryer – it came out looking like new!

A high quality product that makes both Moms and kids happy. Just one suggestion – how about adding our favorite West Aftrican gorilla to your collection? The kids loved this friendly (big) guy.


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