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Pine cone mice – WELCOME AUTUMN!

Pine Cone Mice-Welcome Autumn!
I love it when the weather starts to change! It is time to go for long walks and look for pine cones and other fun stuff. However, the kids always complain. They say that we pick up lots of pine cones on our walks but then we never use them. This year I decided to prove them wrong. That is why right when we got home for our latest walk I put them to work. We IMMEDIATELY transformed our find into adorable PINE CONE MICE just in time to WELCOME AUTUMN! This could be a great class room activity for a couple of reasons including the stimulation of the kid’s imagination. Transforming the pine cone into an animal is so much fun. And I love this project because it is soooo low cost. Thanks mother nature and WELCOME AUTUMN!

The only craft tools that you need for this project are a hot glue gun and a black marker. We used an acorn for a nose, pieces of a large pine cone for ears and a twig for a tail. The eyes were a little bit more complicated. After a couple of failed attempts, we decided to use two pins with white heads as eyes for pine cone mice. We colored a black dot in the middle and just pushed the pins into the center part of the cone.

parts of pine cone mice

If you try it out at home or with your class at school and send us pictures! We love seeing how your projects come out. We are thinking about using the PINE CONE MICE on our Thanksgiving table which is right around the corner.

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