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Paper plate sheep – just in time for EASTER!

This year we started a pilot program with a day care to start even the smallest kids with weekly English lessons FunLab style. It has taken me a little while to get used to working with the under 3 years old gang but after a couple of lesson we have gotten the hang of it! The secret is a combination of English, songs and creativity and lots of organization in advance. The song that we have been working on is the classic Old MacDonald’s Farm. A wonderful way to teach small kids their first vocabulary word set: farmyard animals. Given that Easter is around the corner I decided it was time to add sheep to our list of animals! Here is an easy, inexpensive craft for the smallest of hands – PAPER PLATE SHEEP – just in time for Easter.

We have published other sheep projects if you are interested take a look here and here.

Remember that small kids have a really short attention span so you want to have everything ready in advance. You will need: small paper plates, cotton, body parts (head, ears and legs) cut out of black heavy paper, a pink pompom and google eyes. I prepared everything the evening before the workshop.

Have the kids cover the plate with cotton. Get ready they make a real mess but have fun while making their wooly PAPER PLATE SHEEP.

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